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With CloudIO, you get a common platform for producing and delivering enterprise applications, reports & dashboards that are actionable, real-time & collaborative across multiple devices. CloudIO empowers business users with rich UX & improved productivity by extending & consolidating existing legacy systems and business data from multiple sources together in one intuitive Platform with a real-time connection, thereby garner a better ROI on existing investments.

Inspiring UX

Built to deliver the richest experience, intuitive to understand, engaging while using, fluid to fit, render well on any device and is built on the mantra that "Design isn't just a differentiator but plays a role in performance".

Multi Source

Seamlessly integrate and source data from diverse enterprise and cloud systems as a single source for all business relevant data with an ability to transact with each of the source systems.

Real Time

As businesses operate 24/7 and people work on the move, it's of paramount importance to provide data that's new and that's changed into hands of everyone who needs it to make relevant and better decisions based on current information.


"do-anywhere" and "do-everywhere" Easy access to consume information, manage data, perform job using any device be it at the desk, tablet, smart phone.


Assimilate, Reorganize, and Present data not only to make decisions but to incent the right action by performing the job functions, makes it insightful and much more powerful.


Add context to your data with conversations in real-time. Communicate and Collaborate to share insights, facts, put across opinions and reach new levels of productivity.

our process

Follow Lean philosphy - Say bye to those lengthy SDLC processes.


Our pre-packaged solutions can be deployed with a click of a button and ready to be used out-of-the-box.


Users are engaged as full partners in continuous improvement at the early stages of the implementation


No solution is 100% perfect. Our solutions are designed and built for change and can easily adopt changing business needs.

our solutions

CloudIO is the answer to your call for a simple, shorter and smarter alternative to lengthy Enterprise system extensions. Our solutions built on our modern agile business application platform are quick to configure, simple to use and easy to deploy. Our modern open platform effectively leverages the native Enterprise System APIs, web services, and interfaces to build efficient user interfaces that create user enablement in a standard browser on any device. Our optimized browser screens logically follow your resource intense business functions and empower your employees and users with quick critical information to efficiently respond to customers, vendors and peers. Our solutions do not impact your enterprise system upgrades thereby allowing you to garner a better ROI on your investment.

breathe life into your business, with CloudIO's superior solution offerings

CloudIO Platform

A cutting edge agile platform engineered for dynamic business needs and built using the latest technologies brings a whole new way to develop robust, scalable web and mobile applications that cater to the entire enterprise.

CloudIO FSG Reporting

Modernize your FSG reports with Enhanced, lightweight and highly user-interactive reporting solution that leverage your existing ROI on FSG Setups & Oracle EBS data.

CloudIO dataSense

Fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, it offers interactive, real-time, collaborative and actionable reporting and dashboarding solution that empowers business users to build reports using drag and drop interface.

CloudIO Customer WorkCenter

Empower business users with order management capabilities that overcome the challenges posed by an ERP in terms of user experience while leveraging the rich functionality provided by ERP

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we have a vision to maximize the ROI for all our customers by empowering them to build modern enterprise web applications and mobile applications.

about us

"Fascinated by ideas that enhance productivity by means of innovation, simplicity, and the potential of technology" - this is where it all began and transformed into a revolutionary agile development platform & solutions company that changed the way today's enterprise applications are built and used. We are a committed group of passionate technologists who believe that creativity and innovation can be fostered in an unbinding set-up and in a seamless free-flowing communication environment. Our success and work culture has helped us attract some of the best brains. We have a perfect mix of raw young talent, industry stalwarts and subject matter experts who have passion for innovation and work together to weave futuristic and innovative products & solutions.


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