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Using CloudIO IoT Accelerator, you can integrate, synthesize, and correlate data coming from a multitude of sources — be they cloud platforms, legacy data bases, field sensors, enterprise systems. Unlike other IoT solutions that only passively monitor, CloudIO IoT Accelerator enables you to proactively control and interactively manage device endpoints — so you can deliver greater measurable business value and drive positive outcomes.

Proactive Features

Micro apps developed via ClouIO’s IoT Accelerator proactively enable you to:

  • Telemetry
  • Status
  • User Data
  • Configure
  • Provision
  • Deploy
  • Descriptive Analytics (what happened)
  • Diagnostic Analytics (why did it happen)
  • Predictive Analytics (what will happen)
  • Prescriptive Analytics (how to make it happen)

IoT Applications

Micro apps developed rapidly using CloudIO IoT Accelerator can be used in the following industry applications:

Manufacturing & Shop Floor
Home Security & Automation
Medical & Laboratory Devices
Oil & Gas
Water & Utilities
Warehousing & Logistics

Business Benefits

CloudIO’s IoT Accelerator gives you the following business benefits:

Develop IoT micro apps in days — not weeks or months — to accelerate time to value
Seamlessly gather, process, and integrate data from multiple and diverse enterprise, legacy, and cloud systems
Don’t just passively monitor, but proactively manage your IoT edge devices to increase efficiency, improve security, and reduce costs.
Obtain actionable insights in real time without having to wait weeks for processed data and reports.


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