All business applications built using the CloudIO platform have the ability to send out emails based on specific business functionality. Email actions can be configured at the data-source level. You can view and manage the emails sent out by the application using the Email Requests Screen.

Accessing Email Requests

To access the Email Requests screen, use Navigation -> Developer -> Email Requests.  The Email Requests  page opens up  as shown in the figure below.

The Email Requests  page displays the following information about each mail sent out by the application. 

  • Start Date - Specifies the date when the email request was created.
  • Actual Start Date - Specifies the date when the request is picked by the Scheduler.
  • Completion Date -Specifies the date when the request is completed.
  • To Emails - Specifies to whom the e-mail was delivered.
  • CC Emails & BCC Emails -Specifies to whom were the copies of that particular email sent.
  • From Name - Specifies the name of the sender.
  • From Email - Specifies the email address of the sender.
  • Status Message - Specifies the delivery status of the Email request.
  • Email Body   - Click the email Icon to view the content in the email. 

CloudIO application also provides a feature to resend an existing email request.

To resend, select one or more emails and then click on the 

 button available on the top RHS of the grid.