What is CloudIO Platform?

CloudIO Platform is a modern, user-friendly, browser-based interface to present & write data to & from any enterprise system in a highly productive manner.

What can be done using CloudIO Platform?

You can build & deploy highly scalable & robust enterprise web & mobile applications.

Is it Cloud only Service?

No, CloudIO can also be deployed on-premise.

Can it connect to any database?

Yes, it can connect to any JDBC compliant database like Oracle, MySql, MSSql Server, DB2 etc

What Browser Versions does it support?

All latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE9 & above

What are the pre-build Solutions available?

Customer WorkCenter, Reporting WorkCenter, Buyer WorkCenter, Supplier Portal, B2B Portal, Service WorkCenter

Is it Integrated with Oracle EBS?

Yes, CloudIO inherits all the Oracle EBS features via. Authentication, Responsibilities & Function Security, Operating Units, Profile Options, Key & Descriptive Flex Fields and all Module level Defaulting Rules. Check out Oracle Applications FAQs for more details.

What are the hardware requirements for CloudIO?

For an Organization with up to 5000 employees: Quad Core, 16GB RAM, 50GB Free Harddisk Space.

What are the software requirements for CloudIO?

Any OS running JDK1.7+, Tomcat 7+, ImageMagick & a database (Oracle or MySQL or MS SQL Server or DB2) for the application data.

Do we need an IDE?

No, all you need is just a browser to build applications on CloudIO.

Is it scalable for a million users?

Well, in theory, yes. But we are talking about enterprise users. CloudIO is used by customers with 200 to 3000+ employees.

Can we build a highly complex enterprise application?

Yes, in fact, some of our out-of-the-box solutions are very complex in nature.

Is it mobile friendly?

Yes, you can access from any Tablets & Smart Phones.

Have more Questions?

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