Data grids being used in the applications and reports built using CloudIO platform might offer Grid Personalization when configured. Grid Personalization provides you with the ability to configure data grids by changing the order of the columns, resizing the column widths, hiding few columns etc and save them for future use. You can also share the configured views with other users.

Configuring Views

You can use the  icon present on the Grid header to personalize the grid.

When you click on the icon - you will be presented with a menu with the options as shown below.

Don't see the Configure views icon on the grid header?

The icon is visible only when the grid is configured to be Personalized. (Allow Personalization is not checked for that grid)

Choose View

You can use the Choose View option to select one of the existing views. When you mouse hover on Choose View, it opens up to display My Views, Global Views and Shared Views as shown below.


Choose one of them to view the respective custom views.

My Views: It displays list of custom views defined by you

Global Views: Its displays list of custom views defined as Global views - accessible to all users of the application

Shared Views: Custom views that are defined by others users and shared with you

Don't see Global Views or Shared Views?

It means no global views were defined or Views shared with you by other users

Create View

You can use this option to create a new view. Once you make the required changes to the grid, choose the Create View menu item. It displays a pop-up as shown below.

The above grid is configured to display customers from the City Atlanta and some of the columns are hidden.

  • View Name: Name for the view being created
  • User Default: Check this if you want this to be your default view whenever you access this page
  • Include Search: Check this if you want the search criteria also to be saved along with the view
  • Set as Global: Use this option if you want to make this available for all users of the application

Click on the Create View button to create a view.

Don't see 'Set as Global'?

Not all users can make a custom view Global, you need to have a profile 'ENABLE GLOBAL VIEW CREATION' set to 'Y'

Share a Custom View

You can share your custom view with other users. This option is available to you as soon as you create a new view or you can use the Update/Delete View option. In either of the cases, the Shared Users popup is displayed to view/choose the users you want to share with.

New  - Add a new user

Save - Save the records

Delete - Choose a row and click on Delete to delete a row

Sharing when a new view is created

When you create a new view, the system asks you if you want to share the view with other users as shown below.

Click on Yes to share the view using the Shared Users Pop-up as mentioned above or Click on No to close the message.

Update/Delete a view

You can modify/delete an existing view using this option. You have to first choose the view that you want to modify/delete and when the view is displayed, choose the option 'Update/Delete a View' to bring up a pop-up that will allow you to modify/delete the respective custom view.

Update - Make changes and click on Update to save them

Shared Users - To open the Shared Users pop-up to view/add/delete Shared users

Delete View - To delete the custom view

Cancel - Close the Update/Delete View pop-up

Default View

Use the Default View option to make a custom view your default view.