One of the prominent & powerful features in the Applications & Reports built using CloudIO Platform is its built-in Search capability. All the applications built using the CloudIO Platform have the search capability on the data grids based on configuration defined for that particular data grid. Data grids can offer search in 3 different flavors namely

  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Custom Search

Simple Search

Simple Search for a data grid provides you with a search panel having columns that are part of the data grid using which you can search for specific records. The simple search panel either sits right above the grid or can be viewed in a pop-up.

Grid with a simple search panel right above the grid

The search panel has various fields based on which you can perform the search. Fields on the panel could be Text fields, Number fields, Date fields, Combo box etc based on how the fields are configured in the grid. In the above example, the search was performed on the Customer Name and Category fields.

Clear Search

Clear Search button will clear the search criteria

String fields

While specifying search for string-based fields, you can specify exact term like 'World' or use while cards like %World% or World%

Number fields

Number fields would let you specify only numbers and would not take any alphabets

Date fields

Date fields present you with a calendar control to choose a date

Combobox fields

Combobox fields present you with a Combobox control to select one or more values. Combobox fields can be configured as single select or multi-select. A multi-select Combobox lets you select multiple values.

Grid with a simple search panel in a popup

Sometimes, data grids are configured to have simple search panel in a popup. In such cases, a search icon  is displayed on the grid header. Clicking that icon will display the search panel in a pop-up

Advanced Search

Advanced search lets you specify a combination of conditions and build a complex search criterion. Advanced search when enabled on a data grid presents you with a search panel using which you can build search criteria using various fields and operators.

Advanced search panel

You can specify criteria by

  • Choosing a field, a comparison operator, and a value to compare with
  • Click on   to add additional criteria
  • Choose AND or OR operator when adding each criteria row
  • Click the    to delete criteria
  • Use the Case Sensitive check box to turn on case-sensitivity during search

Comparison Operators vary based on the datatype of the field chosen and are presented to you dynamically.

Custom Search

Certain data grids are configured to have Custom Search panels which allow implementation of more controlled layout and complex fields. Basically, Simple Search and Advanced Search panels are rendered automatically based on the configuration of the data grid whereas Custom Search panel is defined by the developer to provide more flexibility in terms of layout and field item types to be used.

Below is the screen shot of a Custom Search Panel where the fields were laid out in a three form panels with fields having custom labels and icons.