All the applications & reports built using the CloudIO platform have column sorting and filtering options on the data grids. Data in the grid can be sorted or filtered by the particular column.


Each column in the grid can be sorted when the column is configured to be Sort Allowed. You can sort the column in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.  When you click on the column header to sort, the order in which it was sorted can be determined by the icon   shown on the column header.

 - Account# column sorted in Ascending order

 - Account# column sorted in Descending order

You can also use the Sorting options provided in the column context menu that appear when you click on the column menu icon    visible to you when you mouse hover on the column header. 

Clearing Sort on an Individual Column

Use the "No Sort" menu option to remove the sort applied on the column

Clearing Sort Across All Grids On a Page

You can clear all the sorting applied on columns across all the data grids in a page/report by using the Clear All Sorts option under the File Menu

Multi-column Sort

Some data grids may have been configured to allow sorting on multiple columns. On such grids, the sorting will be applied in the order in which the columns were sorted.


You can filter data in the grid by applying filters on a grid column.  To apply filters on a particular column, you can use the "Filters" menu option On the column context menu, mouse hover onto the Filters menu option to see the filters applicable for the column

Don't see Filters Option -   You may not find Filters option in the Column Menu for a particular Column if Filter Allowed property is not configured for that particular Column.

Filtering options vary based on the datatype of the column chosen and are presented to you dynamically.

String Column Filter

Show Blanks

To filter records that don't have any value for that particular Column

Number Column Filter

Date Column Filter

List Column Filter

Clearing a Filter on an Individual Column

When you apply a filter on a particular column then the Filters menu item will have a checkbox  marked against it indicating that the filter is applied.  Uncheck the check box to clear the filter applied on that column.

Columns that have filters applied appear in italics with a black bottom border as shown here 

Clearing all Filters Across All Grids in a Page

To clear filters applied across multiple columns, use Clear All Filters option under the File Menu