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CloudIO People Engagement Accelerator revolutionizes your people/customer/stakeholder experience by intelligently optimizing resource allocation so you can accelerate issue resolution while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

Key Features

  • Online chat
  • Community forums
  • Voice call
  • Knowledge base
  • Formal tickets
Intelligent Routing and Allocation

AI and ML algorithms recognize usage patterns and predict scenarios:

  • Takes into account surges in seasonal demand, user preferred channels, and typical channel bottlenecks
  • Chooses the most efficient channel for every engagement
  • Resolves issues in the fastest time possible
  • Maximizes people/customer/stakeholder satisfaction
Active Dashboard
  • 360-degree visibility into resource usage
  • Actionable insights provided in real-time
  • Take immediate action to improve resolution rates

Engagement Applications

CloudIO People Engagement Accelerator can be used to rapidly build:

One-Stop Customer Support Portals
Employee Engagement Portals
Supplier and Partner Dashboards

Business Benefits

Issues, queries, and requests are resolved promptly leading to less frustration and an overall better user experience.
Advanced AI and ML algorithms take into account user patterns, demand surges, and bottlenecks and use the most efficient channel for each engagement.
Active dashboards across channels give you actionable insights in real-time so you can take immediate action to improve resolution rates.
Optimized resource allocation minimizes costs and maximizes efficiency.


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