Customer WorkCenter

Empowering Oracle EBS users with Order Management capablities

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Today's Organizations that use an ERP for order fulfillment demand solutions that are efficient, smarter and empower business users to be productive in servicing the customers. CloudIO Customer WorkCenter enables you to meet and exceed these rising expecations by overcoming the challenges posed by an ERP user interface while leveraging the rich functionality provided by ERP.

Key Business Benefits

Enhanced Visiblity - Provides a 360-degree view of all the customer information, orders, and order details

Empowers the customer interfacing business users by providing rapid access to the critical information in a natural flow

Improved productivity with the screens that logically flow resource intense business functions in the Order to Cash cycle

Provides consistent user experience with intutive, lightweight interface the makes work a pleasure

Solution is built using a cutting edge agile platform engineered for dynamic business needs - Leverage the other features of the platform

Key Features

Simplified TCA model based on your business need (B2B Vs. B2C)

Powerful and advanced search with a 360-degree view of the customer information - Orders, Order History, and invoices etc.

Manage customer informaiton, contacts, addresses, notes, view customer locations on an interactive Google Map

Highly efficient order entry, order search, capablities at the line level for splits, returns, drop ship, apply price & charges, mass updates, apply holds etc.

Order Pad to suggest historically ordered items for a selected customer along with a productivity enhanching dashboard to give a complete overview of the customer with drill down capablities

Closely monitor, follow-up and manage open activities and tasks associated with a customer's order or case for improved customer satisfaction

Integration with Payment Gateways, FedEx, UPS and other e-commerce platforms like Magento etc

Overcome Key Challenges like...

Not Interactive & User Friendly

No access to all required data at a single place

Complex Navigation and Clunky User Interface

Lot of manual work

More demanding users