Oracle FSG Reports

Leverage your existing ROI on FSG Setups & Oracle EBS data

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Oracle FSG reporting tool is very flexible and has some powerful features for building really complex financial statements but has some shortcomings in terms of better User Experience and complex navigation. CloudIO FSG Solution using latest and modern technologies helps you overcome all these shortcomings and improves your bottom line.

Key Business Benefits

Access all your General Ledger and SLA data in real time for time-critical financial period close reporting

Fully integrated with Oracle EBS to use the existing FSG definition and provides a modern user interface that overlays on top of Oracle EBS data

Enhanced, highly user-interactive FSG reporting where users can drill down from GL to respective sub-ledgers

Users will be able to see entire E-Business suite data from GL Balances to AP, AR, FA and Cash management

Solution is built using a cutting edge agile platform engineered for dynamic business needs - Leverage the other features of the platform

Key Features

Based on Standard FSG Definitions

Inherits Oracle EBS Security Features and is Real time

Dynamic Multi-level drill down to Sub ledger, Transactions, Attachments

100% Configurable drilldown paths

Interactive Dashboards with Visual and Interactive Charts

Browser based, Lightweight & Rich UX

Export to Excel, PDF, CSV, TSV, HTML JSON

Leverage all the Excel like features to Filter, Sort the data for real-time analysis

Overcome Key Challenges like...

Not Interactive & User Friendly

No access to Sub ledgers

Complex drill down flows with Report Manager

Difficult to Read & Analyze data

No visual charts

Lot of manual work

More demanding users

Modernize FSG Reports

Real-time search

100% browser based

FSG Definition Changes reflects in real-time

Collapsible row sets & column sets

Highly interactive

Excel like sort & filters


Multi level drill-down

FSG to Journals to Sub Ledger to Attachments

Confiurable drill-down path

Journal Summary

With ability to Dynamically Group data at Journal Level

User personizable views

More than an Excel

Freeze Columns

Sort & Filter

Header Filters

Collapsible rows and columns


Multi cell copy & paste

Group by visible columns

User personalizable views

Export & Import from Excel

Visual Charts

Visualise data using various chart components