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Convert, Migrate & Modernize Oracle Forms to Modern Web Application

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With CloudIO, you can leverage your existing investment in Oracle Forms by reusing all of the business logic written in PL/SQL and take advantage of all the below latest & greatest features of CloudIO Platform.

Key Business Benefits

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - One fifth of the cost of migration when compared to ADF or any other traditional technology.

Empowers business users by providing more user friendly interface with builtin auditing & collaboration features.

Improved productivity with the screens that logically flow resource intense business functions.

Provides consistent user experience with intutive, lightweight interface the makes work a pleasure.

Cutting edge agile platform engineered for dynamic business needs - Leverage the other features of the platform.

Key Features

Retain all the thick client features like Master-Detail, Multi-Record inline editing, Field, Record, Block & Form level triggers.

Ability to use the keyboard heads down.

Superior overall performance for data entry & navigation.

Leverage existing PL/SQL code & skills.

Allows complete control on the UI elements & user navigation.

Browser friendly - works on all modern browsers.

Mobile Friendly Responsive User Interface

Integration with other legacy or cloud systems.

Overcome Key Challenges like...

End of Support for Oracle Forms.

End of Support for Java on all Modern Browsers.

Lack of resources with good Oracle Forms knowledge.

Cloud Readiness.

Changing Business Needs.

List of Values

Auto populate dependent fields

100% browser based

Super fast & super easy to use

100% configurable

Highly interactive

Excel like sort & filters

100% Keyboard Support

Inline creation & update

Defaulting & Validation Triggers

Field Validations

Validated both in browser & on server

Navigates to invalid field even if it's in a different tab

Keeps your data always clean

Total control to Developers

Add validation online, without bouncing the server

Multi Record Block

100% Keyboard Support


100% AJAX

Real-time validations

Excel like inline editing

Personalized User Views

Highly scalable 20K+ rows with complex validations

More than an Excel

Freeze Columns

Sort & Filter

Header Filters

Collapsible rows and columns


Multi cell copy & paste

Group by visible columns

User personalizable views

Export & Import from Excel

Visual Charts

Visualise data using various chart components

Make use of variety of available widgets to summarize data

Drill down from the widgets to transactional data

Build Action enabled dashboards

Browser based IDE

Drag & Drop

Business Analyst Friendly Development


Collaborative Development

Built for change

Total control to Developers

Plugins & Custom Components

Java or PL/SQL backend

Access to platform source code with a valid license