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CloudIO CloseFAST leverages your investment in Oracle Financials and immediately makes you more productive. The reports are powerful, interactive and searchable. With real time data and drill downs on your fingertips, you can now report to the Nth degree.

Are you frustrated, being unable to drill down on transactions in your financial reports?

See how you can access all your General Ledger and SLA data in real time with powerful searchable reports.

Key Capabilities

  • Access all your General Ledger and SLA data in real time for time-critical financial period close reporting
  • Powerful and interactive UI allow you to drill down to the Nth degree.
  • Searchable reports allow you to get to what you want faster
  • Fully integrated with Oracle EBS to use the existing definition and provides a modern user interface that overlays on top of Oracle EBS data
  • Enhanced, highly user-interactive CloseFAST reporting allows users to drill down from GL to respective sub-ledgers
  • View the entire E-Business suite data from GL Balances to AP, AR, FA and Cash management

“Every time there was a question asked by the controller, we had to scramble across various systems to find underlying details of the transaction in question. With CloudIO CloseFAST, drill down is a breeze. We look like heroes as we have the answers on our finger tips”

– Financial Analyst at Fortune 500 Company

Traditional Oracle Financial Reports

Dynamic Views with Drill Downs with CloudIO CloseFAST


Key Features:

  • Based on standard Oracle Financials definitions
  • Inherits Oracle EBS security features and in real time
  • Dynamic multi-level drill down to Sub ledger, Transactions, Attachments
  • 100% configurable drilldown paths
  • Interactive dashboards with visual and interactive Charts
  • Browser based, lightweight & rich UX
  • Export to Excel, PDF, CSV, TSV, HTML JSON
  • Leverage all the Excel like features to filter, sort the data for real-time analysis

Business Benefits

Reporting is made easier since it is fully integrated with Oracle EBS with a modern user interface that overlays on top of Oracle EBS data.

Rich, browser-based UX makes it intuitive to operate and a joy to use on a daily basis.

Increase your productivity with access to real-time data and drill-down capability so you can produce powerful, interactive, and searchable reports.

Do away with manual spreadsheet based reporting while retaining similar features to filter and sort the data for real-time analysis.

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